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UGO Freshbar

Daily 09:00 - 20:00

UGO Freshbar

In UGO Freshbars you will find fresh drinks, snacks, breakfast and small light meals made of quality 100% natural ingredients, full of taste and health and according to modern trends.

Here you can choose from many fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies, which the staff will prepare in front of your eyes. All drinks contain only fruit, vegetables or spices. No water, no sugar, just 100% taste and colour of nature.

For fans of modern trends and healthy eating, there are also special drinks with superfoods on offer. So if you want to supplement your energy with antioxidants from unroasted cocoa or maybe you love chia seeds, then you will definitely find your favourite drink in UGO. And if you do sports, then valuable proteins will be supplied to you in protein drinks, which, in addition to fruits and vegetables, also contain plant protein.

In addition, every two months, UGO diversifies the menu with several seasonal fruit and vegetable drinks, which are ripening right now, and therefore tastes best of the year.

But it doesn't end with drinks at UGO Freshbars. If you get hungry, you can order one of the sweet or savoury light snacks such as wraps from seasonal ingredients or fresh salads in a cup. And in the heat, ice cream made on the spot from 100% fruit juice will come in handy.

Come and have a snack or lunch from the UGO Fresh bar and you will be full of energy again. Light refreshment has never been easier!