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Park your bike safely with us!

Karlovy Vary is perfect place for you to explore it on a bike. Romantic paths around river Ohře will take you to beautiful nature and also to Varyáda! Are you planning a family trip around our city or a picnic in grass with your better half? Put a saddle on your bike and run to Varyáda to get all the delicious food and all necessary equipment. And for your convenience we installed cute red bike box that you can use while shopping or having a coffee break with us.

How does it work?

It is very easy to use our bike box! Open one of the compartments, park your bike and you are free to go. When you want to retrieve your metal darling just pay the amount required to open your box and continue in your ride.

Why choose our bike box?

  • Bike Box offers many benefits. It will take care of the safe storage of your bike, but it also thinks about the risk of theft and is able to adapt to the environment in which he stands.

  • thick-walled box housing
  • safety covered hinges
  • multi-point locking system

  • thanks to modern locking options, it is not necessary to operate the box by another person
  • user friendly
  • comfortable and intuitive operation
  • ecological solar charging

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Bike box

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