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This summer's hit: Family vacation on e-bikes

This summer is a little different in terms of travel than the previous ones. Most of us decided to spend our holidays in Czech Republic due to the limitations associated with coronavirus infection. One of the most popular family pastimes will be exploring the surrounding nature and historical monuments associated with cycling trips. Above all, e-bikes are absolutely ideal for similar activities.

Come see what you should know before you go on an e-bike holiday. How to choose the right e-bike and how to take your child with you? We will also show you several cycling routes for beginners and advanced that will make your ride an unforgettable experience.

Why buy an e-bike?

The advantage of e-bikes is not only a comfortable ride, but also the ability to cycle through a street full of cars without long waits in convoys. You can use the e-bike both on a dirt road and on a bike path, and if necessary, you will also appreciate it on busy roads. Thanks to the fact that it never happens that you just can’t go on because you are too tired. You are always your own boss and you are not even limited by your children. And if your e-bike runs out of power, nothing happens, you will have enough strength to make it the finish line like on a classic bike. So it’s no wonder that, according to the latest estimates, every third bicycle sold will be electric this summer.


How to choose a suitable e-bike?

When choosing a bike, we recommend not to look at the price, but above all at the type of use you buy the bike for. Will you drive around the city or in more demanding terrain? Keep in mind that you don’t buy an e-bike for one season, but it should last you several thousand kilometers.

“Electric bicycles are environmentally friendly means of transport. They are versatile and bring joy not only to recreational but also to sports cyclists. They are available in many different variants, from city, trekking, cross-country to mountain e-bikes, all you have to do is choose the one that suits you best,” reveals the advantages of e-bikes Jan Štádler, marketing director of the Hervis Sports sales network.

Which types of e-bikes can you get?

The most sought-after items continue to be Class I bicycles, which are powered by a built-in battery that draws energy mostly from a lithium battery. Electric bicycles are available for demanding mountain terrains, as well as purely urban variants.

“The battery is the basis – the standard ones are enough for about 6 hours when fully charged. But it’s not like you’re stuck somewhere in the middle of the road. Remember you’re still on the bike. If you step on the pedals, you will get to your destination without a complicated search for charging stations. An undoubted advantage, however, is that you can really recharge most e-bikes via a classic 230-volt socket,” refutes the widespread myths about e-bikes by Jan Štádler.

The 5 best cycling routes in the Czech Republic

The most popular cycling route is the Elbe cycle path, which leads from the German border to Litoměřice. Along the way you will see Milešovka, Radobýl and Děčín rock massifs. The road is easy, almost all asphalt, so you should be able to handle it in peace. In Moravia, don’t miss the 80-kilometer cycle path by the Baťa canal. At the Brno dam you can enjoy both terrain and asphalt. The road is quite strenuous in places, so more experienced cyclists should dare to take it. The Bečva river basin offers a beautiful route over a hundred kilometers long, where you can see, in addition to the unspoilt nature of the Beskydy Mountains, also the open-air museum in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm. Prague also has its own bike path, which is especially loved by the little ones. It is long only twenty kilometers and takes you through Stromovka Park to the Prague Zoo.

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