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Conscious choice in dm drugstore​

An old proverb says that we are what we eat. Therefore, we should carefully choose what we put into our body. But we must not forget about nature and the environment, because even that affects our health much more than we think. But how to combine tasty and healthy food without harming nature? You will find out in our article.

Bet on organic food

Organic food is the result of organic farming, which allows only gentle natural means of crop treatment, and the animals are kept in the most natural way. Organic farming protects the soil, the ecosystem and human health. Its aim is to benefit the country, thereby maintaining a high quality environment, animals and plants and human health. Organic farming is one of the means of sustainable development and since 1994 it has been part of the European Union’s policy. If you want to be considerate of nature, always choose food marked with one of these certificates, which you will find in the dm drugstore:

EU-Biologo – from 1 July 2010, this logo must obligatorily mark all packaged foods produced in EU countries. The products meet the strict standards of EU legislation on organic farming.

The BIO product of organic agriculture (so-called biozebra) is used in the Czech Republic as a national trademark for organic food and all organic products produced in the Czech Republic.

Bio-Siegel – this is the German national logo for organic food. This logo identifies the products of organic farmers and producers who meet the conditions of Regulation EEC 2092/91 on organic farming.

dmBio offers!

In addition to organic products with the above-mentioned certification, dm drogerie also offers food for vegans or people suffering from gluten allergies. All foods contain only ingredients from organic farming and their manufacturers are additionally certified by IFS Food (International Featured Standards), a non-profit company that adheres to the general standard of food safety in retail chains.

Fruits and sweets: Great offer of organic fruit products, without added sugar. All ingredients are from controlled organic farming.

Cereals and legumes: Bulgur, amaranth or couscous can be prepared in many ways. The menu will also include buckwheat, millet, lentils or rye and other cereals and legumes.

Snacks: Rice, corn, spelled or amaranth waffles are a great snack in the time between main meals or just for taste, as they are low in calories and taste very good. We offer them in salted or unsalted variant.

Drinks: An oatmeal, spelled or coconut drink replaces classic cow’s milk during a vegan diet and they taste great with muesli. We also offer musts and purees.

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