How to choose an engagement ring?

Undoubtedly, one of the most important decisions in a man’s life is to propose. If she is really the right one, then you choose an engagement ring once in a lifetime. Do not underestimate the preparation and make the moment even better than she would ever dare to dream of. How to choose the perfect ring? Well, let’s admit it – it is not an easy task. But with our advice, you will be able to manage it! So what needs to be done?

Budget is important

Before you step into a jewelry store, it’s important to set a budget for your engagement ring. Remember the rule that a man should spend at least two to three monthly salaries on an engagement ring. There are a number of price ranges you can operate in. In each Klenoty Aurum jewelery store, our trained sales assistants will be happy to help you choose a suitable ring.

Know her taste

Neither a high amount of carats nor a huge diamond is a guarantee that your chosen ring will appeal to your significant other. How to match her taste? Notice what jewelery she likes. Is she wearing them often? Does she prefer yellow gold or rather another color of precious metals? Is there a gemstone that she prefers more than any other? Does she like simple and sophisticated pieces? Or does she prefer bold statement pieces?

Think about her personality and character. Is she a social and communicative woman who wants to show the ring to everyone? Then choose something bold and shiny. Or is she a sensual woman who rarely wears jewelry? Then choose an engagement ring that is simple but beautifully captivating at the same time.


The color of the metal is also very important

When choosing an engagement ring, take care of the choice of the precious metal from which it is made. Gold is undoubtedly the king of precious metals, but its golden touch does not suit every woman. Nowadays, gold in bright white or romantic pink is also increasingly used. The most frequently used and also the most suitable gold for the production of engagement rings is with a purity of 14 or 18 carats. Get advice from experts on which type of jewelry suits your partner best, depending on skin type, eye color or hair. The answer can also be found by looking in her jewelry box.

What size?

You definitely want to be sure that the engagement ring will fit the woman of your life perfectly. The easiest way to find the right size is to bring the ring to any Klenoty Aurum store, where they will be happy to help you and measure its inside diameter. It is important to take the ring that your chosen one wears on the left ring finger, if this is not possible try to find out on which finger she is wearing it.

Choose the right gem!

Unforgettable moments require unforgettable gifts. The woman will want to show off her engagement ring in front of all her friends. That’s why the diamond on the ring is the most important. Install an artificial stone in the engagement ring? Something unforgivable that would surely offend your chosen one. Don’t try your luck and prefer a diamond to an artificial stone. Prepare a surprise for her, which will conjure a smile on her lips and tears of emotion in her eyes. Visit our Klenoty Aurum jewelry store, where they will be happy to help you choose the perfect ring.

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