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Hot swimwear trends for summer 2020

Summer season is in full swing! Temperature is basically boiling the mercury in our outside thermometers and there is nothing better than to pack your towel and head for a refreshing swim in a nice, cool swimming pool. But here goes the thing – which swimwear should I wear? Well, we are bringing you a little guide through types of swimwear and where you can buy them in Varyáda!

One-piece or bikini?

There is unbelievable amount of choices when it comes to swimwear – in both female and male fields. Women has it a bit more complicated so let’s start with them.

We all know the two basic kinds of swimwear when it comes to ladies’ choices. “Am I going for one-piece swimsuit or bikini?” But it doesn’t end here! Let’s go through the variety of swimwear you can choose from.

As we can see, ladies have plenty of choices. Remember, there is not one swimsuit for one body type! Whatever you feel comfortable in is your perfect swimsuit and you should wear it.

Our men have it way less complicated as they don’t need to wear any top piece, duh. Good for you, guys! Let’s see your options.

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