Long holidays are comming to an end

Thanks to COVID-19, this year’s vacation lasted almost an incredible 3 months longer than usually, although every student would surely tell you, “What kind of vacation? We had an online school!” Sure, online school… To the parents, these “holidays” certainly seemed much longer than to their children, although of course they were happy to have their children under one roof! Duh! Some parents may welcome the fact that their children will be under another roof for a while now – the school roof. However, returning to school is associated with a lot of rush and especially lot of shopping!

How to dress on the first day? Stylish!

With the new school year comes a new chance to shine through the school corridors in a super cool and cute outfits. Choose your style and check out the cool pieces in Gate, where you can now buy them with a super discount of up to 70%. Or you are super sporty athlete? In that case, pop up for new backpacks and sneakers in Hervis. For the smaller and smallest schoolkids, we have prepared cute collections in Lindex, H&Mand Nordblanc!

Back to school

Must-haves: what not to forget?

Since this weekend is probably one of the last ones you dedicate to school shopping, make sure you really have everything! And because we all know that in a hurry you often forget something, we have prepared a list of everything you need!

✔ Backpack or bag

✔ Pencil case

✔ Water bottle

✔ Lunch/snack box

✔ Notebooks

✔ Diary/planner

✔ Pens, highlighters, etc.

✔ Scissors and glue

P.S. Don’t forget to take your phone charger to school every day! 😉

zpátky do školy

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